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Spirit of the Game is the fundamental underpinning of Ultimate. It informs every aspect of how we play the game, the sheer joy of competition and the friendship and appreciation we hold for one-another.

Richard Moore

Spirit of the Game is Olympism in action; the soul of true sport. Spirit challenges athletes to balance the qualities of body, will and mind by placing the onus of competing with integrity and respect on each and every athlete.

Canadian Junior

Spirit of the Game: Love and respect your teammates as well as your opponents

Melanie McCullough

SOTG is the essence of every sport, it just needed Ultimate to be appreciated again

Klemen Zupancic

"SOTG is the Sport’s essence (and life style). It should be so for all sports but only Ultimate is really trying to use and apply it."

Paul Bernier

"SOTG is important because Ultimate is as much a social gathering as it is a sport and good spirit is essential to keeping up the integrity of the sport and to ensure everyone's enjoyment."

Jude Lee

"Spirit of the game is for Ultimate as love is for life. You could do without it – but it wouldn’t be the same."

Rue Veitl

"Spirit of the Game is not just some nice feel good idea about how you can play sport; I actually think it is a really good way to fairly adjudicate sport."

Rueben Berg

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7-9 June 2014
Caroline-Michaelis-Straße, Berlin, Alemanya
31-1 June 2014
Rübekamp 50 30165 Hannover, Alemanya
17-18 May 2014
Karlshagen, Alemanya
26 April
Bochum, Am Stadion, Rundsporthalle, Alemanya
31-1 June 2014
Olympiaweg 3, 50933 Köln, Alemanya
4-6 July 2014
Oeserstrasse 80, Frankfurt/Nied, Alemanya
20 May
Heidelberg, Alemanya
19 July
Büchenbeuren, Jahnplatz 1, Alemanya
26 July
Dürrlewangstraße 70, Stuttgart, Alemanya
26 April
Braunschweig, Beethovenstr. 57, Alemanya


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